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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch | pt. 13

I know it's been a long while Yhuwdah Fam!!! 

I indeed miss our interaction via blogs and comments. Well, it's been a long time coming and because of the time in between this blog and the last blog, a metamorphic transition has taken place within me. I feel I've grown through the times and I look to walk you through it all as I continue my "Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch" over the course of the next few weeks.  I know some of you are wondering what has really changed since last I heard from Yhuwdah's CEO, James Owens. Those of you that have had the privilege to join our FB Group: Yhuwdah Group may think you know what has happened over the course of a few years. 
Mascot Graphic Tee: Isaiah 53:5 
So I pray you stay tuned for what's to come and I hope you learn as much as you can from my mistakes as well as my success. Since I last blogged there has definitely been many ups and downs; pluses and minuses; and surely smart decisions and ignorant decision have been both contemplated and/or executed. Through it all I've learned quite a bit of information be impart into your notes or books. The current information I have isn't something I simply read or heard but indeed something I've lived in the past year. 
I will take my time and try to answer any questions out there that I can because my goal is to inspire you. Yhuwdah Fam thank you greatly for your past l, present, and near future support. Praise King Jesus because it's by your grace/sacrifice I'm able to share this journey with you.  


Monday, July 15, 2013


What's the deal Yhuwdah Fam,

I know it has been a while since my last blog but know that I have been preparing for what's to come. Over the course of the last few days I have crossed paths with "Doers" aka "Go Getters" and heard some inspiring words of encouragement. I think it's amazing how I'm inspired even at a time when things seem impossible. What I've come to notice, is there's a common thread throughout each of these individuals and it is a teachable spirit. I have realized that this is such a necessary attribute to possess and not only do you put yourself in position to gain information, you also put yourself in position to gain business relationships.

The revelation that I got from these encounters was very simply profound. The revelation was: "humility doesn't bring humiliation, it brings elevation".

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Boutiques, Department Stores, and Celebrities

How are you Yhuwdah Fam? I pray things are well on your end. Just a little update guys. We have another photo shoot Friday to put together our Line-Sheet for boutiques, department stores, and celebrities! That's exciting news to our ears.  As many of us know that when you are moving according to your purpose and/or are near success obstacles arise to prevent you from accomplishing that which you set forth to conquered. The Yhuwdah Team have been battling various obstacles these past few weeks, but we are still afloat. Members of the team have suffered a mother's death, extreme stress, disrupted plans, and other things that will remain unnamed. Pray for us on today when ever you find time. It's been rough mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I gentleman said to me today on my way to work:
Yhuwdah clothing line must launch and spread worldwide not only because of its message and what it represents, but also because of its in quality as well. This will be the first brand of its genre that I ever heard of taking such a message to a new level in the fashion world. Fashion needs this..... 
I was blown away at his comment, simply because he spoke my exact thoughts as I was thinking it. What a weird moment. Then he went on to say:

I monitor the wall posts on the Yhuwdah Group (FB) and I notice that many people are encouraging you with your venture but... (he takes a few steps away then turns around)..I just hope people support like they say they would. (He walks away)
I was now left dumbfounded. That was a hard spill to swallow. His words marinated on my brain so I started listening to the theme song of Yhuwdah which I am going to make available on the last album of Da Clay which is coming soon. have a blessed day (night if you are overseas-lol) and place your order for your V-Neck Tee Shirt.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yhuwdah's Journey: From "thought" to the "launch" pt 12

Today was a day that I felt down in the dumps :( So I had to get on my "1st Sam 30:6 Grind" and encourage  myself in the Lord because everything else wasn't going according to my  plan. One the ways I encouraged myself was by listening to the song: Yhuwdah Athem which was masterfully produced by a dear friend of mine, Anonymous and written & performed by two very talented artists by the name of Ali Rozet & Mr. Biscuit. I love this song. As I was putting the beginning stages together of my advertisement videos it just begin to cheered me up. I was successful in doing so (encouraging myself) as I meditated upon this journey with everything inclusive, both positive & negative, I realized the trend of a lot of "coming and going" of personnel/gifts/services. It saddened me. However, the meditation I had, relieved me of the current burdens of "today". In the end, things that happened are history; what's happening is (part of the) story; and  what's to come is the glory!

So take time today to encourage yourself and meditate heavily upon the goal as you silently hear a constant whisper saying, "you can do it-I gotcha." because the rich isn't rich simply because they're rich; nor is the joyful joyous simply because they're joyful; but instead the birth of their "being" come from the shifting that has taken place in the mind. So let's be mindful that if we can wrap our mind around our goal(s) then it becomes more plausible to wrap our arms around it...someday

Encourage yourself Yhuwdah Fam, and "do" (take a risk outside of the norm) something in 2012!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pre-Order Launch:V-Neck Tee

Yhuwdah! What's Up!

Model: Christopher Burt
Photographer: Kenneth Aston Jr.
Yhuwdah Clothing

Well, I am excited about what's in the works for Yhuwdah! As far as the pre-ordering for the V-neck Tee, the moment it was posted on Yhuwdah FB Group's wall, within 15 minutes (no exaggeration) two orders where put in as if expectation was met. Also, I want to inform you of a free download of the song that was inspired by the clothing line Yhuwdah (Judah) Theme Song, two good brothers (in the Faith) of mine took a great liking to this vV-Neck Tee and that is how the chorus was built. I truly want to say I appreciate the support and the patience that you have shown for the brand, Yhuwdah. We are indeed offering an opportunity for investors (packages are getting constructed) and we will be accepting small investors from $1,000 USD up to large investors of $25,000 -$50,000. If you are interested in an investment opportunity contact us at Yhuwdah's Email Address for more info. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yhuwdah's Journey: From "thought" to the "launch" pt 11

What's Up Yhuwdah Peps!

It's me again :) Last time I wrote a bit about doing the flat designs  for my collection. That experience was horrible yet very vital to my growth in doing business in this arena. Remember everything up to this point was self-taught through Google. Hence, my start to learning from a person with experience in this field.

I went back to the same social website for designers that I talked about in Yhuwdah's Journey: From "thought" to the "launch" pt 10 called  and seen that I had another message in my inbox from, what is now my current tech pack designer, saying (paraphrasing) "I am interested in helping you start your clothing brand. As a matter of fact, I will help you with branding, marketing, and a few other things."

So, of course, my reply was...."Sure! Can we start today?"

She replied, "Send me the funds (through Western Union) and your sketches or ideas and that will be our start."

This is the person that has been very instrumental in some of Yhuwdah's decision making (based on her wisdom & experiences); she has made my ideas come to life; and she has been an extreme motivator in helping me become confident in my clothing brand. Yhuwdah Clothing was simply an idea until I ran into this person. Not only did her credentials out weigh that of the previous tech pack designer, but she came with a "heart" to help and not simply to make money. I remember when I told her the idea of the clothing line, as a high-end Christian brand, she was so astounded at the idea that she took on the job as if it was/is her brand personally. Needless, to say, she isn't Christian although her religion (which I won't name) combine teachings of Yeshua Ha'Mashiach. I say this for the simple reason that when people see that your goal/venture is in keeping with theirs, often times your differences has to be put to side in order to accomplish that which you both set out to do. 

In my next blog I will talk a little bit in detail of what it took to create a design from sketch to sample. Also, stay tuned for the website some revamping is taking place due to our expectation of this brand being launched...properly (with excellence). 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yhuwdah's Journey: From "thought" to the "launch" pt 10

Greetings Yhuwdah Fam,

I sat down with a gentleman the other night that really encouraged me by his mind and heart for his business venture. He was inspired about my journey just as I was about his. We both aren't there yet but we are well on our way :) Today I want to tell you about another mistake that took place right around this time I began doing the flat designs- as I told you about in the last blog.

As I began doing or looking for someone who would turn my sketches into a professional digital version. I ran across a guy on the social network Coroflot and his portfolio was impressive, at least for a person that doesn't know anything about how to start a clothing line and who was very gullible at that stage in the process. This said that he has done work for Diesel, K-Swiss & Prada; just to name a few. So I went all in. In the introduction I called him and told him the truth:
I am a start-up business owner that doesn't know anything about a clothing line except for the ideas I have for  clothes. I would love if you can have a patience with me because I am not aware of all the terminology that you use in this type of business, so I hope you are willing to answer quite a few questions. Are you able to help me in this?
His reply was of course, "yes". However, shortly after I sent my money and scanned the sketches to my Galaxy Tab (I made a reference to the Galaxy Tab solely to show how mobile and available you can start and/or maintain your business with today's technology by simply downloading an application to your device of choice) and attached it to an email and sent it right then and there; all while on the phone call with him simultaneously.  After a few days he sent me the first two (I only had a enough money for a total four designs with this guy and I could only do it in portions of two, which means you don't need to wait until you have enough money to fund the entire vision, just start small to find out if you indeed want to do this on a major level by gauging all that it takes on a small level) flat designs back and I ended up needing to correct him about  three times on the design. After the for first were done to my satisfaction I sent money for the next to be done which required about four corrections, which he hated. To make a long story short, this is what said to me (paraphrasing):
I told you in the contract that if we have to make more then two corrections (meaning having to add a button here or there on the design; or changing the text on a design) then I would have to charge you additional for my time. I am a professional and have worked with many big brands, so i know what I'm doing. Normally, I don't work with start-up brands or inexperienced brands because of this right here (speaking of things like constant change of designs, not understanding the designing phase, etc). I am afraid that I am wasting my time with such a small order, that I can not continue this venture because I don't have time to teach you everything. So, I will return your money and you can keep the designs as well. Sorry for the inconvenience. (dial tone)
So you can seriously imagine how I felt to have encourage myself to have first start a vision I knew nothing  about, let alone, the many financial implications and the difficulty level in doing so; all to be smashed like that after telling him everything up front! I was hurt, but somehow find strength (from the competitive mind of me, to spit in his face by succeeding in my venture). So this is what I would tell you what I would pass down from this lesson learned: be honest with yourself and know what it is that you need/want; if those that you are working with aren't helping you towards that goal, fire them!

Ps. The official website will be up and running tomorrow!!! I will let those who have subscribed to the Yhuwdah Newsletter  and Yhuwdah FB Group know when we've opened the opportunity to pre-order our most requested garments, first! So, subscribe now for this Limited Edition Collection!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch | pt. 9

Greetings Yhuwdah Family,
In the continuation of this story behind Yhuwdah I want to make one more statement about the trademark registration before we move on. There is something that I have learned at the end (it about 1 year for me  to finalize-I’m sure you can do it faster than that but my issue at the time was that I have to pay out of pocket, all while considering my family) of the trademark process and that was the fact that I didn’t have to pay an attorney to do it, if I hadn’t gotten lazy in my research. A member of my team, told me about these things nearing the end of the Statement-of-Use registration. I was about to pay $950 when I found out that I can go online (I gave you the link on in the last blog) and do it myself for only $100, my mind began wondering how much more could I have saved had I either done the research (more in depth) or had a person dispersing wisdom. Major lesson learned.
So, let me get into my how the designs came about.

Flat Designs:
Firstly, I want to say that you don’t have to be an art major in order to do your own designs, that’s exactly why I stated in blog 2 that you should research social networking sites for groups of your interests (in this case it would be designers or tech packs), because you have professionals that know how to take your ideas and take them from dreams to reality. I just happened to bless with the a person that had a heart for start-up clothing businesses.
This is what I would do on a day of inspiration. I would be riding the bus to work and the moment I get an idea, just as I did with writing my music ( ), I would pull out my writing pad and then do rough sketches of my idea(s) and when I arrive at work, I would research different brands to see if I was running parallel with the fashion industry’s train of thought. If I felt that I was close but remain different, then I would use my Galaxy Tab by Samsung to scan the sketch into a PDF form and send it via email to my Tech Pack Designer in a totally different country. I would meet her on Gmail/Yahoo Chat and talk/chat in detail in the same manner I am writing this blog to you. I purposely made this point about chatting online because if you utilize the many tools you have at your disposal for completing your vision, you will see how useful technology is in the advancement of it. However, don’t make yourself vulnerable by leaving out the legalities of your vision because there are copy-cats out there and thieves and they are often educated on what they can and can not do.

Ps. Check out the upcoming website, pre-ordering will be made available soon! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fashion Show

Yhuwdah Men & Women!

Once again God has allowed some great things to happen within the confines of time and within the reach of my hands.
I have had the privilege of working with an outstanding gentleman by the name of Omar, who was the event coordinator of Yhuwdah's first ever fashion show. The week prior to the show was one of the most stressful weeks I have ever witnessed in my life! I'm talking about 48 hour days and 3-4 hour naps; my favorite meal was coffee and a few pieces of unleavened bread, once a day for three days (I had no appetite, at...all). This stress drove me insane because perfection was my goal for the fashion show. But I am happy it all came together in the end. The fashion show stirred up enough buzz for the taping of it to find a space on Rotana tv programme (which is a well ran and known Arabic television station).

Story short version:

I arrived at the event location which was Bayth Lothan-Salmiya, Kuwait and was able to see the stage runway being built and the lighting & sound being installed and tested. At that moment it hit me that this is really happening and of course the stress increased at that time but that was nothing. The stress peaked on the day of  the show when the models came for choreography and I found out that that I would no male models and my female models were late and I had to be at work that evening. My models consisted of four women and two men including myself , one from London, one from Dubai, one from America and two from the Philippines. The show was spectacular and feels even better to say that because it is true :-) About 200 people were in attendance at this invitation only event, as the members of the royal family of Kuwait were present as well as members from other countries such as Africa and Jamaica. 

Yhuwdah runway models:
I love my runway models, not just because they sell Yhuwdah as a brand but they are good people with hearts that are a rarity. It is these guys that gives Yhuwdah an attractive face and invites you  in. They did such an outstanding job in their appointed positions that I was dumbfounded at the summation of the well put together show.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch | pt. 8


I have to back-track a little because in the process of registering the trademark I had to come-up with the brand's official spelling. Whether or not I was going to register a particular color for Yhuwdah had to be considered as well and even a font style. I only had the money for the spelling and lion logo (smiles). All of this matters because just as I found out today, from the person appointed over the marketing side of Yhuwdah, woke me from my sleep with the news that someone is using your brand in an online store! So, someone can attempt to steal your brand name, build a business off it, or use your name to pose as another branch of your brand all without your knowing. That is why I wrote what I wrote on my Yhuwdah FB Group wall.

When I filed for the trademark I was required to do a search on my brand name, logo, and etc. because if there is anyone else out there that does anything like what was done today then you can sue them or get their business shut down. I did trademark search and this is when I really began to pay attention to the spelling of the name of Yhuwdah (which was just Judah in my mind), because it had to be unique due to the fact that I really wanted this name and it's meaning behind it. So as you learned in Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch | pt. 3 about why I chose the name due to its meaning, now you will learn a very important part of building a brand that I've learned through my peers and mentors.

The reasons for the spelling of Yhuwdah:

Firstly, I noticed that the brands that had unusual spellings, I would typically associate it with a high-end fashion brand before I ever caught a glimpse of the product. Also, in my research and introspection I noticed that brands that were usual, I personally, tend to engage my mind a bit more to the understanding of what that group of letters are saying, when it looks strange yet familiar. So I am of this persuasion, that if you spend more time doing anything you are more likely to remember the thing itself, its purpose, and/or at the least the appearance/experience of it. 
For, instance I have met people that I would have no clue of what their name is but because of a conversation we may have had upon meeting, I could tell you the entire joke's punchline, what they/we were doing, and their hobby because I couldn't tell you the name for nothing :( 
So, that would be a huge plus in my book if anyone would remember the organization of the group of words reading Yhuwdah even if they don't really know how to pronounce it. Hence, leaving a person with a personal mission to discover the correct pronunciation, which I envisioned when I created the spelling of Yhuwdah. This puzzle, once discovered, would have left such an impression on the mind that now the stage/mind/desire is set for a perfect opportunity to show what Yhuwdah is.

I did it for legal reasons because the name's meaning was so intriguing to me and it spoke my heart so lucidly that I had to have it! Sort of like my wife....I watch her for two years before ever saying hello and when I did, I was like "I got to have her!" :) The reason this is parallel to the picking of the wording of the name of Yhuwdah is because this, like in meeting my wife, I actually "planned" in my heart and in my soul to ride the tidal waves of life with it (although there has been many times my mind & tongue has said the opposite due to various reasons in both my marriage and the building of Yhuwdah). So, I had to make sure that it was vastly different from brand names within my genre of business. I was blessed to have found such a group of words that both expressed my heart's longing and that satisfied the my legal obligations. I'm blessed manye!

Until next time Yhuwdah Fam, please subscribe to our newsletter because we will be sending out pre-ordering forms shortly so that you can place your order for your garment(s) of choice at Yhuwdah Newsletter

Ps. For those with vision here's where I did my search: 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch | pt. 7


Firstly, in continuing from my last blog, I think that there is a very important comment that I should provide from an underlining assumption, about the help I was able to obtain in terms of direction. TG happen to be a guy, whom at the time, was very open to discussion about dreams and aiding people. I didn't know the blessing that was taking place at the moment until I started to put my feet in motion. However, this is what i wanted to capitalize on. Don't expect anyone to help you especially if they are in the same field as you and money wasn't at the top of the conversation. This is very vital to your psyche. If ignored you may began thinking that something is either wrong with you or your vision or the opposite, something is wrong with them. When, in fact, nothing is wrong with either side. It is just that they are or could be really endangering their vision as well. For instance, let's go to another realm or genre of vision. Another love of mine is music. I have helped quite of few people in the same exact manner as I am with you, by telling my experiences. I have given my direct contacts to aspiring artists from engineer, beat maker, and free studio contacts all without charge, and just a passion to spark gift(s) within a person with potential. Now, that would seriously be the wrong move had I been the type of artist that was about being rich and famous, because I am helping a potential competitor that has wisdom and connects without the same scars. And from a business point of view, I have just helped someone get ahead without any compensation ($$$) or contractual agreement. So, I think it not, illogical or disrespectful for a person to turn-down an opportunity to help someone as it relates to business but more so a scratch in character.

So in your pursuit to acquire wisdom (for your vision), count it a blessing when a person disperses information that could change your life and others as well.
 Until, next time, enjoy your day and be inspired! Look out for the new website!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch | pt. 6


So, after running head first into an obstacle of an immature businessmen, I began the climb once more. [Reminder: quite a bit of time has lapsed since the incident in the last post] I began sketching a few designs and idea concepts, and trust me when I say, "You don't have to be a good artist to do this." Nowadays, due to technology and professionals around the world anyone is capable of achieving professional quality for the right price.

So, I did what I believe anyone who isn't experience should do (especially if you don’t have much money to pay for professional advice). Consult people who have traveled the road in which you are going, even if they only did it for a short while (at least they've traveled further then you). However, if you don't know anyone who will help you, always remember. . ."Google knows everything" (but never take its first answer; take a few answers and then weed out the commonalities).

So I spoke with a guy, that we will call TG, who use to educate me on his experiences in the fashion world. He is currently building his brand as I type you this blog. He use to tell me that the first mistake that he would have corrected, if he started back over, was that he would get a professional logo designed (which I have at this point), a registered trademark, and he would have made at least one pair of jeans for both genders. These three regrets came from an opportunity he had when he got a spot at some huge event, I think in Las Vegas. All he had at the time was t shirts (unisex), female panties and bra sets with his non-trademarked logo. He said to me, “I had a few celebrities that were interested in my collection but they all asked me who did your logo (condescending tone); is that logo trademarked or protected; and do you have jeans for the shirts?” His response, of course, was no.

So what do you think I did? I googled, “how to submit a logo for trademark registration” and found a site called Legal Zoom. So I did my trademark and company registration at the same time. However, with doing this process I would encourage you to really consider the other(s) that are with you in marriage, family, and/or business before doing this because you are "official" from here onwards. And not consulting those that play major roles in your life when dealing with legal issues, is possibly the dumbest thing you could do J If you don’t know their position on this matter, you will find yourself fighting the fight of business without thought of the added resistance and burden you have just built upon yourself.

Next for Yhuwdah is the designing phase which has taken majority of the time of Yhuwdah's existence. Here is when I attempted to quit the building of Yhuwdah a few times. This is quite possibly the hardest, most trying time of the entire process not because of things that I had to do but because of the patience I had to render. Feel free to ask me questions as well.

Until next time check out, coming soon-later this week.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch | pt. 5

Lessons Learned:

I know that right now, you and others that know or know of me relationally, musically, and/or through business are probably wondering "what is James about to talk about?" I can assure you that it is not good. I can assure you that it is very common amongst households today. I can assure you that I learned my lesson (although time definitely had its own watch). One of the many sad but powerful learning experiences was when I looked back over moments like this, which I’m about to explain, I noticed that my eagerness to chase a dream versus birth a dream/vision could have easily cost me that which is most dear to me. My mismanagement of money, pride, covetousness, and willingness to ride solo although I was called to unity with my wife and children; were the key ingredient to the turmoil that had taken place which easily progressed into other areas in my treatment towards my wife and family. I was blinded by the thought of success to the point where what started as small spending without accountability turned into thousands spent with intentional secrecy (as if my wife wouldn’t find out).

For the record: My wife & children is my no. 1 mission and if I fail in that, then I never succeeded in life but in business (my personal opinion).

This mindset drove such a wedge between my wife and I that I began to care about nothing but Yhuwdah. Yhuwdah was my scapegoat. Yhuwdah was the place that I could lie about the reality of things (by saying that everything will be okay once I make this money back) solely because it wouldn’t correct me with truth (making money off of this is not going to make you fulfilled but serving your purpose will). This same lesson reoccurred multiple times throughout the period of 2010 to 2011, until I discovered the key to unlock the new dimension that we are now currently walking in. The key is this: Amos 3:3 (Holy Bible).

I apologize that the story of Yhuwdah couldn’t be a beautiful fairytale but those that know me; knows transparency is key to my wife and I deliverance. This insert was written for three reasons:

1.) If you are moving a vision and are included in a team-like setting whether it be business partners, marriage and/or family; don’t forsake them for the sake of success. Instead, include them to help you carry the future burdens of vision (whether you succeed or fail). 2.) Learn from wisdom as much as you can (i.e. the blogs I’m dropping) so that experience doesn't give you the scars.3.) Be real with yourself within the vision and don’t let it consume you by its promises.

This was the start of the official becoming of Yhuwdah to be more than a brand but I lifestyle. So as this venture was put on the back burner for some time (possibly a few months to a year or something-don’t really remember) I continued school and music. When I came back to the building of Yhuwdah I got serious and started to deal with the legalities of it all, which I will get into next blog. So expect more mistakes, more drama, more blessings, and more lessons learned. Until next time…Shalom (Peace).

ps. will be up and running by the end of next week and we will began taking pre-orders soon.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch | pt. 4


So, now since I have Judah as the name (because at this time the spelling wasn't changed) I began to go online and Google, "How to start a clothing line". I would spend hours in a day reading these articles of how someone famous became what they are today as a very successful clothing brand (who better to draw from experience or education…its better if you can get both in one though). Then I would look at YouTube videos of interviews & runways shows and take the totality of the information and say to myself what is consistent amongst everything. I wrote down the most common steps and then started my journey.

So the first thing I had to do was determine if I was going to build a brand that would compete with major brands within and outside of my genre; would I be doing t-shirts exclusively; or would I only appeal to one gender (because I knew I didn’t have much money to start). So I said if I am going to do it I will not give my customers something that I wouldn’t be happy wearing my self, nor will I go cheap with it (considering the brands that I loved during this time). I am going to do a “real” (everything from scratch) clothing line even if I only do one pair of jeans (for both genders), one shirt (unisex), & one dress. So I began researching and looking back over my most common steps to starting a clothing line notes and seen that if I was going to be serious about this I need a logo, trademark, and registered business. I came across a well-known online service provider that was in good standing with Better Business Bureau (BBB) and it was Legal Zoom. I got a quote for that then I went online again and searched: social networks for artists and designers. I added me a profile and spend a day or two requesting friendship as I copy & pasted the same message along with my requests. It went basically like this, “I am starting a clothing line and I am looking for someone to do a very professional, creative, and unique logo.” Out of the 100 I had added, days later I picked three that I liked and told them what I wanted. One backed out and out of the other two I pick one which was a young guy that was about 18-19 yrs. old. He took about 2 hours (sketched and completed) and emailed me the file of the lion which Yhuwdah currently uses and he only wanted $25 but I sent him about $200 because I knew the value of what he had just did. Now, after that I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t professional so I had an associate at work that had an in-house printing business in the U.S. but she was working with me in Kuwait as my supervisor. She referred me to her staff and gave me a discount as well. Her business was well known for making quality work and she even had contracts with Fort Hood, Texas military base. However, her design artist took 3 days to complete my logo from scratch. It looked like a hand drawing of a 5 yr. old. So I lost a few hundred for the extensive amount of time I had that guy spend trying to edit the logo to my liking, which he never reached. So, Hard Lesson 1: Don’t judge a book by its cover, age, ethnicity, and/or so-called professional status; because some of the best (athletes, artists, musician, etc.) in the world are those no one has heard about. Nine times out ten, they are sitting right in front of you or you are communicating with them often but looking over the massive gift inside of them. So instead of going with the 36 yrs. old with 20 yrs. experience and professional business; I went with the 18 yrs. with no professional experience, or business; just a passion for the art.

*Also, during this phase I came up with the spelling of Yhuwdah.

So things are looking great as far as business is concerned because I completed a step towards a goal as well as invested my first monies into my future business (using my allowance). All the while, I am conscious that I made many blunders with other ventures involving large amounts of money which flopped because of poor planning & massive spending  cycles that were never conversed with my wife (I was deceitful). So at the start of Yhuwdah were martial problems due to business dealings.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch | pt. 3


Google is a great source for help as well as books, but in using those tools I knew that each scenario was different. And first on the list was I needed a brand name. One thing that I've learned since working in the Middle East, is that your name is greater then money partly because your name produces all that comes afterwards (Proverbs 22:1). So I started to search for a name of my brand that would sum up my thoughts, my heart’s longings, and echoes my intentions in life. I came about the name Yhuwdah (pronounced: Judah) when I began to reflect on my own sayings because I believe the fashion or even clothing in itself “speaks” your mind. A sweater, whether or not it is fashionable, says “I am cold.” (Simply put). With that concept in mind I said I want my clothes to “speak” as well but I want it to say something along the lines of; “I value honor, I value glory, and I value life”. Although, these three attributes are pretty broad and can be taken in meaning different ways, my perspective derives from that of the person and teaching of Yeshua’ (which is the Hebrew name and spelling of Jesus [Christ]). Hence, the mindset and goal to give Yeshua’ praise whether it be through the way I treat my wife, my enemies, and/or my co-workers even to the extent of my thoughts towards a random person walking pass…which of course flows over into the music I listen to and clothing I wear.

So I searched for one word that could sum up my previous thought (it was hard enough to come up with the three word motto). I love the way the Bible compared Jesus to a dove, a rose, a sheep, and a lamb but then there was something amazing in one of the comparisons which was to a lion. Lion of Judah stuck out in my mind and sounded cool to my ears, so I ran with it. The word Judah consisted of two elements:  one element was that “Ju-” which commonly accepted as the name of the Lord (in biblical references) and “-dah” was the verb meaning to confess, give praise, and/or give thanks; then I was sold on it! So basically, this meaning of Judah is to render praise & thanksgiving to the Lord-hence Yhuwdah’s existence.

The spelling is more so on the business but we just getting this journey started. So continue to stick with me as I continue to expose the brand Yhuwdah. Go ahead and save as one of your favorites in your website logs. Look for a little more on what Yhuwdah is and how it became. I appreciate those of you who are taking your time to read these blogs because I really pray that it sparks something within you. Thank you for your attention to my thoughts.

Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch | pt. 2

I remember vaguely, that I was at work (Camp Virginia, Kuwait) and I was writing a song (Transparency, 2010 Life Line EP) in 2009, which I shared, in the beginning stages, with a guy that we will call DN. After DN heard the a’capella of the song he made a comment that ignited something within me. He said, "When the album comes out, I want to be the first to purchase three or four so I can give to people back home (U.S.)." The album was a free album, but he choose to sow 20 KD (about $70.00 USD) once the album was released in 2010. His response to receiving the album, his choice of words, and the timing of God combined; made me think of a lot of “what if’s”. The final words that put my feet in motion were when DN said, “Whatever, you do or produce let me know because I want to be the first to sow into it.” Up to this day he has committed to that comment.
Hand Painted Shirts

So I began thinking of all my interests which happened to be: 

music, fashion, an art. My wife and others have witnessed my hand painted shirts that I use to sale to purchase studio time or to put a meal in our stomachs. In this venture I took $10 and made quick profits ranging from $45-$75 USD. So with that in mind and me remembering my wife’s encouraging thoughts about that venture I set out to try it again. However, in trying, I failed due to 12-15 hours given to my day job, I wasn't able to be consistent with delivering in a timely manner. One shirt would take hours and up to a day to complete. I got tired of my customers/friends at work asking me when could I have their shirt completed. Then that is about the time I said to myself that need a system and not just a cool product. 

Once I reached this point I began my research on the world's most famous and/or wealthy business men and women. I am a fan of McDonald's so I began looking at the start of McDonald's and how it came to be; and one of the things I noticed is that although I know tons of people that do an "off da chain" burger, I realized McDonald's was successful because of its system not because it was the best burger in the world. So now my mind was focused on the fact that I want a business that I didn't have to work as a self-employed owner but instead one that just visits my business to say, "hello" and "I'll be back for next leadership training or inspection". 
So now my mind is made up that I want a business and I want it to be fashion, so I pursued in this fashion....Google, because I knew NOTHING about how to start a clothing line, let alone, running a business as the owner of one.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch | pt. 1

Greeting Yhuwdah Fam,

Over the next few weeks I am going to attempt to all that I can remember (which isn't much-lol) about the start of Yhuwdah, which is soon to launch by next week, the clothing line from thought to launch.


This is not a story about how to become a millionaire, although I could be on the verge of doing so (smiles and winks); this is not about how much "more" I know then you, although it does consist of what I do know by learning from and through this experience; but it is more-so a simple & more focused testimony of a young man that made a simple decision which led to many other decisions being made with the same amount of faith it took to make the first decision. However, not forfeiting the fact that favor is ultimately the secret ingredient to accomplishing what I have thus far. I am incredibly happy that technology has catered to this attempt to publicize my heart to share with you my testimony. Feel completely free to follow this blog or testimony, I'm sure you will be encouraged as I do my best  to give you my experiences in bite size pieces.

Until next
Grace and Peace be with you.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Greetings Yhuwdah Fam,

Fam, we here at Yhuwdah Clothing Company have ran into a major problem. Somehow, our subscriber newletter account was compromised and we had to restart our account. In order for us to keep you informed on priority basis, we need you to go back to the Yhuwdah Official Website (click the hyperlink) and subscribe once again. We are terribly sorry if we may have caused any inconvenience of any sort. However, in re-subscribing or subscribing to this brand you will be notified of any move that Yhuwdah, as a company, makes; you will be informed first about any benefits- due to your support; and for the most current and important information, you will have the opportunity to see the collection, pre-order, and be entitled to any discounts before the public. So, all of you on the Yhuwdah Group (FB) (if you are not on our FB page-click the hyperlink) please re-subscribe and invite as many people as possible to do the same. We highly appreciate you all. We look forward to seeing you "bangin" your Yhuwdah gear soon!

Honor. Glory. Life.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Who Can Order?

Greetings Yhuwdah Fam,

As I was contemplating our mailing services a few days ago. I said to myself, "how can I make my product available to customers and stores globally", and I found that the most effective way would be to team up with DHL courier services. So, to those wondering if they will be able to pre-order or purchase anything from the collection (due to locations such as APO,AE); don't fret, a solution is in place. It doesn't matter where you are located, as long as you have a mailing address you can receive our products. However, the details have not been accessed completely, but more information is to come and will be presented on the official website

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thank You.

Yhuwdah Fam!

I just want to take the time and say, "Thank You" for all of your support. Without many of your encouraging messages (FB), emails, text messages, and/or phone calls; I don't know how we (Yhuwdah Clothing Company) would have made it thus far. Many obstacles stood in the way of us in our development, but each was conquered.

Now, that we are boarding the pre-launch of the first Yhuwdah collection (Limited Edition Collection), we would like to extend an opportunity for you, as the Yhuwdah Fam, to ask any questions pertaining to Yhuwdah as a brand and/or Yhuwdah's founders; and we will answer the questions in our first vlog. Anything ranging from our collection's jeans, shirts, dresses and tee shirts onwards to issues that are a bit more personable such as where the founders are from; how did the founders meet; what are their interests; etc.

To have your question(s) submitted email to then look for the response on our first video blog on