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Saturday, October 29, 2011


I had a great meeting today with a acquaintance of mine, his name is Kenneth Aston of Kenneth D. Aston Jr. Photography . We discussed ideas for a successful photo shoot and video trailer for your eyes to see. He to is a believer of the Yhuwdah brand especailly after seeing the a sneak preview of what's to come, today in our meeting. He loved the tee shirt dress, Yhuwdah dress, and the polo shirt at first glimpse! Our talk was very informative on both sides as creative juices flowed. Hence, one detail of the idea was to have an interview of the founders of Yhuwdah with behind the scenes shots of the photo shoot.

A few things that you can expect to see from Yhuwdah Official Website are: a creative homepage flushed with pictorial glee; iPad and iPhone friendly web pages; and quality that speakas a veteran brand. You will have easy access to my social networks Yhuwdah Group (FB), Yhuwdah on Twitter, and a Official Yhuwdah Youtube or Vevo site (coming soon) directly from the Yhuwdah Official Website

Thank you for all your support in this endeavor Yhuwdah fam!

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