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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why Yhuwdah?

Yhuwdah, honestly isn't here to wipe-out every other clothing brand in existence. Neither is our primary reason or purpose, to make a billion dollars. Yhuwdah is here to both breathe a breath of fresh air into the fashion industry, not that it needs us-but more so "wants" us as an expression of itself (fashion industry), as well as represent those that choose to be "set-apart". When I speak of being set-apart I speak of it in terms of mindset and lifestyle. Yhuwdah as a brand, is set-apart by design/style, which is seen in the craftsmanship of our unique polo shirt all the way to "attention-to-detail" as seen in our women's T-shirt dress. The women's T-shirt dress is very unique with a lot of thought, creativity, and music infused into this garment. The polo shirt will open your eyes to what evolution is all about. So take a few seconds to visit our site at Yhuwdah Clothing and subscribe to our mail list to find out why, visually, Yhuwdah demands your attention as well as everyone else that see you in our garments.

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  1. Looking forward to see Yhuwdah clothing. Would love to see the apparels appeal the modern fashion need.