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Sunday, November 13, 2011


Greetings Yhuwdah Fam,

Fam, we here at Yhuwdah Clothing Company have ran into a major problem. Somehow, our subscriber newletter account was compromised and we had to restart our account. In order for us to keep you informed on priority basis, we need you to go back to the Yhuwdah Official Website (click the hyperlink) and subscribe once again. We are terribly sorry if we may have caused any inconvenience of any sort. However, in re-subscribing or subscribing to this brand you will be notified of any move that Yhuwdah, as a company, makes; you will be informed first about any benefits- due to your support; and for the most current and important information, you will have the opportunity to see the collection, pre-order, and be entitled to any discounts before the public. So, all of you on the Yhuwdah Group (FB) (if you are not on our FB page-click the hyperlink) please re-subscribe and invite as many people as possible to do the same. We highly appreciate you all. We look forward to seeing you "bangin" your Yhuwdah gear soon!

Honor. Glory. Life.

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