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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thank You.

Yhuwdah Fam!

I just want to take the time and say, "Thank You" for all of your support. Without many of your encouraging messages (FB), emails, text messages, and/or phone calls; I don't know how we (Yhuwdah Clothing Company) would have made it thus far. Many obstacles stood in the way of us in our development, but each was conquered.

Now, that we are boarding the pre-launch of the first Yhuwdah collection (Limited Edition Collection), we would like to extend an opportunity for you, as the Yhuwdah Fam, to ask any questions pertaining to Yhuwdah as a brand and/or Yhuwdah's founders; and we will answer the questions in our first vlog. Anything ranging from our collection's jeans, shirts, dresses and tee shirts onwards to issues that are a bit more personable such as where the founders are from; how did the founders meet; what are their interests; etc.

To have your question(s) submitted email to then look for the response on our first video blog on

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