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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fashion Show

Yhuwdah Men & Women!

Once again God has allowed some great things to happen within the confines of time and within the reach of my hands.
I have had the privilege of working with an outstanding gentleman by the name of Omar, who was the event coordinator of Yhuwdah's first ever fashion show. The week prior to the show was one of the most stressful weeks I have ever witnessed in my life! I'm talking about 48 hour days and 3-4 hour naps; my favorite meal was coffee and a few pieces of unleavened bread, once a day for three days (I had no appetite, at...all). This stress drove me insane because perfection was my goal for the fashion show. But I am happy it all came together in the end. The fashion show stirred up enough buzz for the taping of it to find a space on Rotana tv programme (which is a well ran and known Arabic television station).

Story short version:

I arrived at the event location which was Bayth Lothan-Salmiya, Kuwait and was able to see the stage runway being built and the lighting & sound being installed and tested. At that moment it hit me that this is really happening and of course the stress increased at that time but that was nothing. The stress peaked on the day of  the show when the models came for choreography and I found out that that I would no male models and my female models were late and I had to be at work that evening. My models consisted of four women and two men including myself , one from London, one from Dubai, one from America and two from the Philippines. The show was spectacular and feels even better to say that because it is true :-) About 200 people were in attendance at this invitation only event, as the members of the royal family of Kuwait were present as well as members from other countries such as Africa and Jamaica. 

Yhuwdah runway models:
I love my runway models, not just because they sell Yhuwdah as a brand but they are good people with hearts that are a rarity. It is these guys that gives Yhuwdah an attractive face and invites you  in. They did such an outstanding job in their appointed positions that I was dumbfounded at the summation of the well put together show.

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