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Friday, December 16, 2011

Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch | pt. 2

I remember vaguely, that I was at work (Camp Virginia, Kuwait) and I was writing a song (Transparency, 2010 Life Line EP) in 2009, which I shared, in the beginning stages, with a guy that we will call DN. After DN heard the a’capella of the song he made a comment that ignited something within me. He said, "When the album comes out, I want to be the first to purchase three or four so I can give to people back home (U.S.)." The album was a free album, but he choose to sow 20 KD (about $70.00 USD) once the album was released in 2010. His response to receiving the album, his choice of words, and the timing of God combined; made me think of a lot of “what if’s”. The final words that put my feet in motion were when DN said, “Whatever, you do or produce let me know because I want to be the first to sow into it.” Up to this day he has committed to that comment.
Hand Painted Shirts

So I began thinking of all my interests which happened to be: 

music, fashion, an art. My wife and others have witnessed my hand painted shirts that I use to sale to purchase studio time or to put a meal in our stomachs. In this venture I took $10 and made quick profits ranging from $45-$75 USD. So with that in mind and me remembering my wife’s encouraging thoughts about that venture I set out to try it again. However, in trying, I failed due to 12-15 hours given to my day job, I wasn't able to be consistent with delivering in a timely manner. One shirt would take hours and up to a day to complete. I got tired of my customers/friends at work asking me when could I have their shirt completed. Then that is about the time I said to myself that need a system and not just a cool product. 

Once I reached this point I began my research on the world's most famous and/or wealthy business men and women. I am a fan of McDonald's so I began looking at the start of McDonald's and how it came to be; and one of the things I noticed is that although I know tons of people that do an "off da chain" burger, I realized McDonald's was successful because of its system not because it was the best burger in the world. So now my mind was focused on the fact that I want a business that I didn't have to work as a self-employed owner but instead one that just visits my business to say, "hello" and "I'll be back for next leadership training or inspection". 
So now my mind is made up that I want a business and I want it to be fashion, so I pursued in this fashion....Google, because I knew NOTHING about how to start a clothing line, let alone, running a business as the owner of one.


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