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Friday, December 16, 2011

Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch | pt. 3


Google is a great source for help as well as books, but in using those tools I knew that each scenario was different. And first on the list was I needed a brand name. One thing that I've learned since working in the Middle East, is that your name is greater then money partly because your name produces all that comes afterwards (Proverbs 22:1). So I started to search for a name of my brand that would sum up my thoughts, my heart’s longings, and echoes my intentions in life. I came about the name Yhuwdah (pronounced: Judah) when I began to reflect on my own sayings because I believe the fashion or even clothing in itself “speaks” your mind. A sweater, whether or not it is fashionable, says “I am cold.” (Simply put). With that concept in mind I said I want my clothes to “speak” as well but I want it to say something along the lines of; “I value honor, I value glory, and I value life”. Although, these three attributes are pretty broad and can be taken in meaning different ways, my perspective derives from that of the person and teaching of Yeshua’ (which is the Hebrew name and spelling of Jesus [Christ]). Hence, the mindset and goal to give Yeshua’ praise whether it be through the way I treat my wife, my enemies, and/or my co-workers even to the extent of my thoughts towards a random person walking pass…which of course flows over into the music I listen to and clothing I wear.

So I searched for one word that could sum up my previous thought (it was hard enough to come up with the three word motto). I love the way the Bible compared Jesus to a dove, a rose, a sheep, and a lamb but then there was something amazing in one of the comparisons which was to a lion. Lion of Judah stuck out in my mind and sounded cool to my ears, so I ran with it. The word Judah consisted of two elements:  one element was that “Ju-” which commonly accepted as the name of the Lord (in biblical references) and “-dah” was the verb meaning to confess, give praise, and/or give thanks; then I was sold on it! So basically, this meaning of Judah is to render praise & thanksgiving to the Lord-hence Yhuwdah’s existence.

The spelling is more so on the business but we just getting this journey started. So continue to stick with me as I continue to expose the brand Yhuwdah. Go ahead and save as one of your favorites in your website logs. Look for a little more on what Yhuwdah is and how it became. I appreciate those of you who are taking your time to read these blogs because I really pray that it sparks something within you. Thank you for your attention to my thoughts.

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