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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch | pt. 4


So, now since I have Judah as the name (because at this time the spelling wasn't changed) I began to go online and Google, "How to start a clothing line". I would spend hours in a day reading these articles of how someone famous became what they are today as a very successful clothing brand (who better to draw from experience or education…its better if you can get both in one though). Then I would look at YouTube videos of interviews & runways shows and take the totality of the information and say to myself what is consistent amongst everything. I wrote down the most common steps and then started my journey.

So the first thing I had to do was determine if I was going to build a brand that would compete with major brands within and outside of my genre; would I be doing t-shirts exclusively; or would I only appeal to one gender (because I knew I didn’t have much money to start). So I said if I am going to do it I will not give my customers something that I wouldn’t be happy wearing my self, nor will I go cheap with it (considering the brands that I loved during this time). I am going to do a “real” (everything from scratch) clothing line even if I only do one pair of jeans (for both genders), one shirt (unisex), & one dress. So I began researching and looking back over my most common steps to starting a clothing line notes and seen that if I was going to be serious about this I need a logo, trademark, and registered business. I came across a well-known online service provider that was in good standing with Better Business Bureau (BBB) and it was Legal Zoom. I got a quote for that then I went online again and searched: social networks for artists and designers. I added me a profile and spend a day or two requesting friendship as I copy & pasted the same message along with my requests. It went basically like this, “I am starting a clothing line and I am looking for someone to do a very professional, creative, and unique logo.” Out of the 100 I had added, days later I picked three that I liked and told them what I wanted. One backed out and out of the other two I pick one which was a young guy that was about 18-19 yrs. old. He took about 2 hours (sketched and completed) and emailed me the file of the lion which Yhuwdah currently uses and he only wanted $25 but I sent him about $200 because I knew the value of what he had just did. Now, after that I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t professional so I had an associate at work that had an in-house printing business in the U.S. but she was working with me in Kuwait as my supervisor. She referred me to her staff and gave me a discount as well. Her business was well known for making quality work and she even had contracts with Fort Hood, Texas military base. However, her design artist took 3 days to complete my logo from scratch. It looked like a hand drawing of a 5 yr. old. So I lost a few hundred for the extensive amount of time I had that guy spend trying to edit the logo to my liking, which he never reached. So, Hard Lesson 1: Don’t judge a book by its cover, age, ethnicity, and/or so-called professional status; because some of the best (athletes, artists, musician, etc.) in the world are those no one has heard about. Nine times out ten, they are sitting right in front of you or you are communicating with them often but looking over the massive gift inside of them. So instead of going with the 36 yrs. old with 20 yrs. experience and professional business; I went with the 18 yrs. with no professional experience, or business; just a passion for the art.

*Also, during this phase I came up with the spelling of Yhuwdah.

So things are looking great as far as business is concerned because I completed a step towards a goal as well as invested my first monies into my future business (using my allowance). All the while, I am conscious that I made many blunders with other ventures involving large amounts of money which flopped because of poor planning & massive spending  cycles that were never conversed with my wife (I was deceitful). So at the start of Yhuwdah were martial problems due to business dealings.

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