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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch | pt. 5

Lessons Learned:

I know that right now, you and others that know or know of me relationally, musically, and/or through business are probably wondering "what is James about to talk about?" I can assure you that it is not good. I can assure you that it is very common amongst households today. I can assure you that I learned my lesson (although time definitely had its own watch). One of the many sad but powerful learning experiences was when I looked back over moments like this, which I’m about to explain, I noticed that my eagerness to chase a dream versus birth a dream/vision could have easily cost me that which is most dear to me. My mismanagement of money, pride, covetousness, and willingness to ride solo although I was called to unity with my wife and children; were the key ingredient to the turmoil that had taken place which easily progressed into other areas in my treatment towards my wife and family. I was blinded by the thought of success to the point where what started as small spending without accountability turned into thousands spent with intentional secrecy (as if my wife wouldn’t find out).

For the record: My wife & children is my no. 1 mission and if I fail in that, then I never succeeded in life but in business (my personal opinion).

This mindset drove such a wedge between my wife and I that I began to care about nothing but Yhuwdah. Yhuwdah was my scapegoat. Yhuwdah was the place that I could lie about the reality of things (by saying that everything will be okay once I make this money back) solely because it wouldn’t correct me with truth (making money off of this is not going to make you fulfilled but serving your purpose will). This same lesson reoccurred multiple times throughout the period of 2010 to 2011, until I discovered the key to unlock the new dimension that we are now currently walking in. The key is this: Amos 3:3 (Holy Bible).

I apologize that the story of Yhuwdah couldn’t be a beautiful fairytale but those that know me; knows transparency is key to my wife and I deliverance. This insert was written for three reasons:

1.) If you are moving a vision and are included in a team-like setting whether it be business partners, marriage and/or family; don’t forsake them for the sake of success. Instead, include them to help you carry the future burdens of vision (whether you succeed or fail). 2.) Learn from wisdom as much as you can (i.e. the blogs I’m dropping) so that experience doesn't give you the scars.3.) Be real with yourself within the vision and don’t let it consume you by its promises.

This was the start of the official becoming of Yhuwdah to be more than a brand but I lifestyle. So as this venture was put on the back burner for some time (possibly a few months to a year or something-don’t really remember) I continued school and music. When I came back to the building of Yhuwdah I got serious and started to deal with the legalities of it all, which I will get into next blog. So expect more mistakes, more drama, more blessings, and more lessons learned. Until next time…Shalom (Peace).

ps. will be up and running by the end of next week and we will began taking pre-orders soon.

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