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Monday, December 19, 2011

Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch | pt. 6


So, after running head first into an obstacle of an immature businessmen, I began the climb once more. [Reminder: quite a bit of time has lapsed since the incident in the last post] I began sketching a few designs and idea concepts, and trust me when I say, "You don't have to be a good artist to do this." Nowadays, due to technology and professionals around the world anyone is capable of achieving professional quality for the right price.

So, I did what I believe anyone who isn't experience should do (especially if you don’t have much money to pay for professional advice). Consult people who have traveled the road in which you are going, even if they only did it for a short while (at least they've traveled further then you). However, if you don't know anyone who will help you, always remember. . ."Google knows everything" (but never take its first answer; take a few answers and then weed out the commonalities).

So I spoke with a guy, that we will call TG, who use to educate me on his experiences in the fashion world. He is currently building his brand as I type you this blog. He use to tell me that the first mistake that he would have corrected, if he started back over, was that he would get a professional logo designed (which I have at this point), a registered trademark, and he would have made at least one pair of jeans for both genders. These three regrets came from an opportunity he had when he got a spot at some huge event, I think in Las Vegas. All he had at the time was t shirts (unisex), female panties and bra sets with his non-trademarked logo. He said to me, “I had a few celebrities that were interested in my collection but they all asked me who did your logo (condescending tone); is that logo trademarked or protected; and do you have jeans for the shirts?” His response, of course, was no.

So what do you think I did? I googled, “how to submit a logo for trademark registration” and found a site called Legal Zoom. So I did my trademark and company registration at the same time. However, with doing this process I would encourage you to really consider the other(s) that are with you in marriage, family, and/or business before doing this because you are "official" from here onwards. And not consulting those that play major roles in your life when dealing with legal issues, is possibly the dumbest thing you could do J If you don’t know their position on this matter, you will find yourself fighting the fight of business without thought of the added resistance and burden you have just built upon yourself.

Next for Yhuwdah is the designing phase which has taken majority of the time of Yhuwdah's existence. Here is when I attempted to quit the building of Yhuwdah a few times. This is quite possibly the hardest, most trying time of the entire process not because of things that I had to do but because of the patience I had to render. Feel free to ask me questions as well.

Until next time check out, coming soon-later this week.

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