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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch | pt. 7


Firstly, in continuing from my last blog, I think that there is a very important comment that I should provide from an underlining assumption, about the help I was able to obtain in terms of direction. TG happen to be a guy, whom at the time, was very open to discussion about dreams and aiding people. I didn't know the blessing that was taking place at the moment until I started to put my feet in motion. However, this is what i wanted to capitalize on. Don't expect anyone to help you especially if they are in the same field as you and money wasn't at the top of the conversation. This is very vital to your psyche. If ignored you may began thinking that something is either wrong with you or your vision or the opposite, something is wrong with them. When, in fact, nothing is wrong with either side. It is just that they are or could be really endangering their vision as well. For instance, let's go to another realm or genre of vision. Another love of mine is music. I have helped quite of few people in the same exact manner as I am with you, by telling my experiences. I have given my direct contacts to aspiring artists from engineer, beat maker, and free studio contacts all without charge, and just a passion to spark gift(s) within a person with potential. Now, that would seriously be the wrong move had I been the type of artist that was about being rich and famous, because I am helping a potential competitor that has wisdom and connects without the same scars. And from a business point of view, I have just helped someone get ahead without any compensation ($$$) or contractual agreement. So, I think it not, illogical or disrespectful for a person to turn-down an opportunity to help someone as it relates to business but more so a scratch in character.

So in your pursuit to acquire wisdom (for your vision), count it a blessing when a person disperses information that could change your life and others as well.
 Until, next time, enjoy your day and be inspired! Look out for the new website!

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