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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch | pt. 8


I have to back-track a little because in the process of registering the trademark I had to come-up with the brand's official spelling. Whether or not I was going to register a particular color for Yhuwdah had to be considered as well and even a font style. I only had the money for the spelling and lion logo (smiles). All of this matters because just as I found out today, from the person appointed over the marketing side of Yhuwdah, woke me from my sleep with the news that someone is using your brand in an online store! So, someone can attempt to steal your brand name, build a business off it, or use your name to pose as another branch of your brand all without your knowing. That is why I wrote what I wrote on my Yhuwdah FB Group wall.

When I filed for the trademark I was required to do a search on my brand name, logo, and etc. because if there is anyone else out there that does anything like what was done today then you can sue them or get their business shut down. I did trademark search and this is when I really began to pay attention to the spelling of the name of Yhuwdah (which was just Judah in my mind), because it had to be unique due to the fact that I really wanted this name and it's meaning behind it. So as you learned in Yhuwdah's Journey: Thought to Launch | pt. 3 about why I chose the name due to its meaning, now you will learn a very important part of building a brand that I've learned through my peers and mentors.

The reasons for the spelling of Yhuwdah:

Firstly, I noticed that the brands that had unusual spellings, I would typically associate it with a high-end fashion brand before I ever caught a glimpse of the product. Also, in my research and introspection I noticed that brands that were usual, I personally, tend to engage my mind a bit more to the understanding of what that group of letters are saying, when it looks strange yet familiar. So I am of this persuasion, that if you spend more time doing anything you are more likely to remember the thing itself, its purpose, and/or at the least the appearance/experience of it. 
For, instance I have met people that I would have no clue of what their name is but because of a conversation we may have had upon meeting, I could tell you the entire joke's punchline, what they/we were doing, and their hobby because I couldn't tell you the name for nothing :( 
So, that would be a huge plus in my book if anyone would remember the organization of the group of words reading Yhuwdah even if they don't really know how to pronounce it. Hence, leaving a person with a personal mission to discover the correct pronunciation, which I envisioned when I created the spelling of Yhuwdah. This puzzle, once discovered, would have left such an impression on the mind that now the stage/mind/desire is set for a perfect opportunity to show what Yhuwdah is.

I did it for legal reasons because the name's meaning was so intriguing to me and it spoke my heart so lucidly that I had to have it! Sort of like my wife....I watch her for two years before ever saying hello and when I did, I was like "I got to have her!" :) The reason this is parallel to the picking of the wording of the name of Yhuwdah is because this, like in meeting my wife, I actually "planned" in my heart and in my soul to ride the tidal waves of life with it (although there has been many times my mind & tongue has said the opposite due to various reasons in both my marriage and the building of Yhuwdah). So, I had to make sure that it was vastly different from brand names within my genre of business. I was blessed to have found such a group of words that both expressed my heart's longing and that satisfied the my legal obligations. I'm blessed manye!

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Ps. For those with vision here's where I did my search: 

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