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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Boutiques, Department Stores, and Celebrities

How are you Yhuwdah Fam? I pray things are well on your end. Just a little update guys. We have another photo shoot Friday to put together our Line-Sheet for boutiques, department stores, and celebrities! That's exciting news to our ears.  As many of us know that when you are moving according to your purpose and/or are near success obstacles arise to prevent you from accomplishing that which you set forth to conquered. The Yhuwdah Team have been battling various obstacles these past few weeks, but we are still afloat. Members of the team have suffered a mother's death, extreme stress, disrupted plans, and other things that will remain unnamed. Pray for us on today when ever you find time. It's been rough mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I gentleman said to me today on my way to work:
Yhuwdah clothing line must launch and spread worldwide not only because of its message and what it represents, but also because of its in quality as well. This will be the first brand of its genre that I ever heard of taking such a message to a new level in the fashion world. Fashion needs this..... 
I was blown away at his comment, simply because he spoke my exact thoughts as I was thinking it. What a weird moment. Then he went on to say:

I monitor the wall posts on the Yhuwdah Group (FB) and I notice that many people are encouraging you with your venture but... (he takes a few steps away then turns around)..I just hope people support like they say they would. (He walks away)
I was now left dumbfounded. That was a hard spill to swallow. His words marinated on my brain so I started listening to the theme song of Yhuwdah which I am going to make available on the last album of Da Clay which is coming soon. have a blessed day (night if you are overseas-lol) and place your order for your V-Neck Tee Shirt.

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