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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pre-Order Launch:V-Neck Tee

Yhuwdah! What's Up!

Model: Christopher Burt
Photographer: Kenneth Aston Jr.
Yhuwdah Clothing

Well, I am excited about what's in the works for Yhuwdah! As far as the pre-ordering for the V-neck Tee, the moment it was posted on Yhuwdah FB Group's wall, within 15 minutes (no exaggeration) two orders where put in as if expectation was met. Also, I want to inform you of a free download of the song that was inspired by the clothing line Yhuwdah (Judah) Theme Song, two good brothers (in the Faith) of mine took a great liking to this vV-Neck Tee and that is how the chorus was built. I truly want to say I appreciate the support and the patience that you have shown for the brand, Yhuwdah. We are indeed offering an opportunity for investors (packages are getting constructed) and we will be accepting small investors from $1,000 USD up to large investors of $25,000 -$50,000. If you are interested in an investment opportunity contact us at Yhuwdah's Email Address for more info. 

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