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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yhuwdah's Journey: From "thought" to the "launch" pt 10

Greetings Yhuwdah Fam,

I sat down with a gentleman the other night that really encouraged me by his mind and heart for his business venture. He was inspired about my journey just as I was about his. We both aren't there yet but we are well on our way :) Today I want to tell you about another mistake that took place right around this time I began doing the flat designs- as I told you about in the last blog.

As I began doing or looking for someone who would turn my sketches into a professional digital version. I ran across a guy on the social network Coroflot and his portfolio was impressive, at least for a person that doesn't know anything about how to start a clothing line and who was very gullible at that stage in the process. This said that he has done work for Diesel, K-Swiss & Prada; just to name a few. So I went all in. In the introduction I called him and told him the truth:
I am a start-up business owner that doesn't know anything about a clothing line except for the ideas I have for  clothes. I would love if you can have a patience with me because I am not aware of all the terminology that you use in this type of business, so I hope you are willing to answer quite a few questions. Are you able to help me in this?
His reply was of course, "yes". However, shortly after I sent my money and scanned the sketches to my Galaxy Tab (I made a reference to the Galaxy Tab solely to show how mobile and available you can start and/or maintain your business with today's technology by simply downloading an application to your device of choice) and attached it to an email and sent it right then and there; all while on the phone call with him simultaneously.  After a few days he sent me the first two (I only had a enough money for a total four designs with this guy and I could only do it in portions of two, which means you don't need to wait until you have enough money to fund the entire vision, just start small to find out if you indeed want to do this on a major level by gauging all that it takes on a small level) flat designs back and I ended up needing to correct him about  three times on the design. After the for first were done to my satisfaction I sent money for the next to be done which required about four corrections, which he hated. To make a long story short, this is what said to me (paraphrasing):
I told you in the contract that if we have to make more then two corrections (meaning having to add a button here or there on the design; or changing the text on a design) then I would have to charge you additional for my time. I am a professional and have worked with many big brands, so i know what I'm doing. Normally, I don't work with start-up brands or inexperienced brands because of this right here (speaking of things like constant change of designs, not understanding the designing phase, etc). I am afraid that I am wasting my time with such a small order, that I can not continue this venture because I don't have time to teach you everything. So, I will return your money and you can keep the designs as well. Sorry for the inconvenience. (dial tone)
So you can seriously imagine how I felt to have encourage myself to have first start a vision I knew nothing  about, let alone, the many financial implications and the difficulty level in doing so; all to be smashed like that after telling him everything up front! I was hurt, but somehow find strength (from the competitive mind of me, to spit in his face by succeeding in my venture). So this is what I would tell you what I would pass down from this lesson learned: be honest with yourself and know what it is that you need/want; if those that you are working with aren't helping you towards that goal, fire them!

Ps. The official website will be up and running tomorrow!!! I will let those who have subscribed to the Yhuwdah Newsletter  and Yhuwdah FB Group know when we've opened the opportunity to pre-order our most requested garments, first! So, subscribe now for this Limited Edition Collection!

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