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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yhuwdah's Journey: From "thought" to the "launch" pt 11

What's Up Yhuwdah Peps!

It's me again :) Last time I wrote a bit about doing the flat designs  for my collection. That experience was horrible yet very vital to my growth in doing business in this arena. Remember everything up to this point was self-taught through Google. Hence, my start to learning from a person with experience in this field.

I went back to the same social website for designers that I talked about in Yhuwdah's Journey: From "thought" to the "launch" pt 10 called  and seen that I had another message in my inbox from, what is now my current tech pack designer, saying (paraphrasing) "I am interested in helping you start your clothing brand. As a matter of fact, I will help you with branding, marketing, and a few other things."

So, of course, my reply was...."Sure! Can we start today?"

She replied, "Send me the funds (through Western Union) and your sketches or ideas and that will be our start."

This is the person that has been very instrumental in some of Yhuwdah's decision making (based on her wisdom & experiences); she has made my ideas come to life; and she has been an extreme motivator in helping me become confident in my clothing brand. Yhuwdah Clothing was simply an idea until I ran into this person. Not only did her credentials out weigh that of the previous tech pack designer, but she came with a "heart" to help and not simply to make money. I remember when I told her the idea of the clothing line, as a high-end Christian brand, she was so astounded at the idea that she took on the job as if it was/is her brand personally. Needless, to say, she isn't Christian although her religion (which I won't name) combine teachings of Yeshua Ha'Mashiach. I say this for the simple reason that when people see that your goal/venture is in keeping with theirs, often times your differences has to be put to side in order to accomplish that which you both set out to do. 

In my next blog I will talk a little bit in detail of what it took to create a design from sketch to sample. Also, stay tuned for the website some revamping is taking place due to our expectation of this brand being launched...properly (with excellence). 

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