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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yhuwdah's Journey: From "thought" to the "launch" pt 12

Today was a day that I felt down in the dumps :( So I had to get on my "1st Sam 30:6 Grind" and encourage  myself in the Lord because everything else wasn't going according to my  plan. One the ways I encouraged myself was by listening to the song: Yhuwdah Athem which was masterfully produced by a dear friend of mine, Anonymous and written & performed by two very talented artists by the name of Ali Rozet & Mr. Biscuit. I love this song. As I was putting the beginning stages together of my advertisement videos it just begin to cheered me up. I was successful in doing so (encouraging myself) as I meditated upon this journey with everything inclusive, both positive & negative, I realized the trend of a lot of "coming and going" of personnel/gifts/services. It saddened me. However, the meditation I had, relieved me of the current burdens of "today". In the end, things that happened are history; what's happening is (part of the) story; and  what's to come is the glory!

So take time today to encourage yourself and meditate heavily upon the goal as you silently hear a constant whisper saying, "you can do it-I gotcha." because the rich isn't rich simply because they're rich; nor is the joyful joyous simply because they're joyful; but instead the birth of their "being" come from the shifting that has taken place in the mind. So let's be mindful that if we can wrap our mind around our goal(s) then it becomes more plausible to wrap our arms around it...someday

Encourage yourself Yhuwdah Fam, and "do" (take a risk outside of the norm) something in 2012!

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